How to Increase Blog Traffic (Full Guide)

How to Increase Blog Traffic (Full Guide)

As you know, the word blogging is becoming famous more and more nowadays and starting a new blog is becoming more easy (with help of WordPress etc.) but after creating a blog, the biggest challenge is to rank your blog and promote it to increase blog traffic . Don’t worry, you can promote your blog and get more visitors by following some proved practices explained here.

In this article, you will come to know some best tips to increase blog traffic. Without wasting time, let’s get started!

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a technique used to find and analyze search terms. By using this technique, you can find and analyze some specific words which people use/type in Google and other search engines to get their results they are looking for.

Keywords play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization and increasing blog traffic. Keyword research tells what topics are searched on Google and other search engines. Keyword research helps to discover some specific search terms that people are using to find whatever they want. It helps to find unique ideas about content you want to write.

Comprehensive Content:

If you are starting a blog then you should come to know that content is most valuable to rank your website and to increase blog traffic. Every user tries to find quality content and search engines are also looking for good and high quality content. Content means the articles/blog posts that are published on your blog.

A good quality article is usually known as comprehensive article which covers all the details of a specific topic. These comprehensive articles are called “pillar articles”.

  • Every blog user should publish as many pillar articles as he can.
  • Pillar content could be any type of article.
  • For example, a how-to guide, tutorial, comparison article, opinion piece, a listicle, and so on.

Readable Content:

The other factor which plays a key role in ranking a blog is making blog content readable because people and search engines are looking for comprehensive articles that are quality based articles and cover all information they needed.

Here are some basic tips to learn by which you can make your content more readable and user-friendly:

⦁ Use smaller sentences and paragraphs
⦁ Try to improve typography by using more readable fonts, large font-size, and plenty of line spacing.
⦁ Check the readability score of your content. We recommend Yoast SEO but you can also use other readability checkers.
⦁ Use a grammar checker. Grammarly is best because it not only checks grammar but actually helps you write better.
⦁ Use images, screenshots, videos, infographics, and other visual elements. These media elements make your article highly-engaging and easier to read.

SEO Basics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics will help you to make your website responsive and user-friendly. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire any SEO expert but you can do it own your own.

There are many free wordpress plugins which you can use to do SEO for your site. All in one SEO plugin is best for use.


Headline / Post Title:

The first thing that search engine and users see is the headline of the article. A great and eye-catching blog post title attracts more attention of visitors.

If your post title/headline is boring and dull, visitors will not click on that blog posts and by this way you will loose your visitors.

To get more visitors to your article, you should learn to write an eye-catching blog post title. There are some tools to to analyze headlines/titles.

⦁ Optin Monster Headline Analyzer
⦁ Monster Insights Headline Analyzer
⦁ EMV Headline Analyzer

Internal Linking :

Linking your article to your existing blog articles is known as internel linking and it is important for SEO. When you put your existing blog post url/link in your new article, both articles are connected and it is internel linking.

Here is why internal linking is so important:

⦁ Internal links help Google understand the context and relationship between different articles on your website. It then uses this information as ranking signals.

⦁ Internal links, when placed strategically and in context, can help you increase page views and reduce bounce rate.

⦁ It is harder to ask third-party websites to link to your articles. It is way easier to create links on your own site.

Generate Backlinks:

When a user comes to your website through an externel website, this incoming link from externel site to your site is called backlink. Backlinks are one of the best signals of your site ranking.

Some basic ways to get backlinks are:

  • Write guest posts on other websites and blogs.
  • The more simplest and easiest way to get backlinks is to share and link your blog posts on social media.
  • Write about famous bloggers and influencers . take their interviews and publish on your website. They will want to let their users to read thei interviews and in this way, their users will come to our website and backlinks will be generated from their websites.

Create Visually Attractive Content :

Examples of Visually Attractive Content are Images, Charts and Infographics ets.

Images and infographics attract more attention than a simple text. Users like the blog posts when some eye-catching images and infographics are being used.

It is recommended to publish images and infographics created by you. Don’t use copyrighted images but don’t worry. There are so many great resources to find royalty free images, and there are even tools that you can use to easily create your own graphics.

Add Videos to Your Articles:

Videos are the best form of content on internet. People spend more time on videos than on reading text.

To increase blog traffic and to grab more visitors to your site, use videos in your content but don’t upload videos directly on your site. It will effect your site optimization. Just upload video on youtube and embed it in your blog post.

Website Design :

If your website design is not good and looks dull and ugly, you will loose your coming visitors because a user never reads articles having ugly structure.

Good website design grabs the attention and encourages readers to spend more time on your website. We recommend to use simple and clean themes for your site.

Website Speed:

If your website loading time is too high and it takes too much to to load, then it is bad for you. People don’t wait too much to load your site but they will move to another website having optimized web speed.

Website speed is one of the important factors considered by Google and other search engines. To make sure that your website loads fast, you need to optimize your WordPress performance. This means you need to use caching, avoid unnecessary bloat, and optimize your images.

Online Communities:

Nowadays, online communities are growing faster and these communities are a great source of getting visitors to your website.

Online communities have a huge number of audience and if you will provide valuable content, you will get a huge traffic. Examples of online communities are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Linkeden etc.

Just publish a post, share it with online communities and enjoy a worthy traffic coming to your website.

You should spend some time building reputation, answering questions, joining discussions, and then only share your website if it is appropriate. Don’t just start posting links to your articles. This is called spamming and moderators will instantly block you.

You can also create your your groups on social media to create online communities.

Participate in Q & A Websites:

Participating in questioning and answering (Q & A) websites help your site to grow fast. When you answer a question on a site (example: quora) and attach your blog post link in your answer, it will drive a huge traffic to your website. 

By Following all the points discussed in this article, you can increase blog traffic easily.

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